Multi Balms – Korea’s Biggest Beauty Trend 2023

This Korean innovation is making caring for our complexions easier than ever.

When the pandemic first struck, South Korea quickly adapted to the necessary social distancing with what’s called “untact” initiatives. The Korean-English portmanteau of “un” and “contact” basically applies to anything that usually involved physical closeness to another person being replaced with a contactless digital alternative, like remote doctor appointments and food-ordering apps. K-pop stars also stopped having in-person concerts and meet-and-greets in favor of untact events. Fans now can watch their favorite idols perform songs on digitally augmented stages or chat with them over video calls.

This concept trickled down to beauty products, too with the rise of multi balms. For those unfamiliar, they are basically oversized lip balms for your whole face. You can glide them onto your face, neck, cuticles, or whatever feels dry for hydration and glow without using your germy fingers. They even have benefits beyond that, which I’ll get into soon enough.

Multi-use sticks have become so popular in Korea that Glowpick, a Korean beauty product review app, dubbed “untact beauty (언택트뷰티)” as one of the biggest trends of 2021.

Because Seoul is so densely populated and has lightning-fast internet, Koreans are incredibly information savvy about everything, especially skin care. K-beauty has shown they can now be serums, essences, and moisturizers combined into one hygienic tube. Today’s beauty consumers are looking for convenience and simplicity in their routine, especially since many people are wearing less makeup lately due to masks. They can reapply without much (or really any) mess.

Now, go ahead and add one to every purse and pocket. Your friends are sure to be intrigued by your new K-beauty discovery. 

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